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Many businesses rely heavily on vending machines for food and drinks throughout the workday. Whether for coffee, a bottle of water or simply a snack to hold you over until lunch, people are always gravitating towards the machines. Tampa SnackMan Vending is proud to be a professional and reliable vending company that strives to provide our clients with quality vending machine services.

Vending Machines Tampa, Snackman Vending is always looking for new and innovative ways to make sure our client’s machines are stocked and filled with both popular and healthy snacks and beverages. If you are looking for snack, soda or food vending company, contact Snackman Vending today. 

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vending machines tampa fl

SnackMan Vending Machines Tampa

Who We Are
We are a honorable full-line vending company that understands the value of service. Service will be the reason you keep us or ask us to leave.

What We Do
Keeping your vending machines full!! Snacks, Soda, Fresh Food Frozen Food and Ice Cream, Healthy Snacks, Coffee Vending, Coffee Service and Water Coolers.

Why We're Different
Communication and a working relationship, if your unhappy with something we did or didn’t do you will have my email and my cell number and my promise of a timely response to your needs. Vending Machines Tampa Fl.
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Vending Machines Tampa
SnackMan Vending
From the Owner

Your overall vending program is personally overseen by owner and founder Rob Haske and our vending specialist, Lino Furlan, who have operated SNACKMAN since 1994.


vending machines tampa

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For the traditional Office Coffee Service (OCS) we use coffee roasted by an award-winning Bay Area coffee roaster located just a few minutes from our front door. The coffee comes  in a variety of flavors and sizes in small foil packets and is typically ground 2-5 days prior to your receiving it at your office. This ensures absolute freshness and quality. This coffee roaster uses only the finest Arabica beans to roast their coffees and you can get any type of coffee you like, from our standard Commercial Blend to French Roast or Kona. Because we use a private roaster, we even have the ability to create a blend suited to your specific taste.

The brewers we use are the highest quality from Bloomfield or Newco and can either be plumbed directly to the water source or set up as a pour over unit.

Over the last 5 years, some of the greatest technological advances in vending services have come in the area of hot drink machines. Today it is possible to get a cup of coffee made from whole beans ground the moment you select your coffee. We offer International Coffee flavors such as French Vanilla , Chai Tea, as well as Cappuccinos, Lattes, hot chocolate, soup and tea.

Food and

vending machines tampa

Depending on the location we can have a higher mix of healthy beverage items, or focus on occupant pleasers, the choice is yours. We alter the mix of healthy beverage in the machines on your premise to accommodate your clientele, not just stuff in the most popular items. Our expert staff is here to please your demanding needs, we’ve been doing so for over 18 years right here in the Tampa Bay Area.


vending machines tampa fl

We offer a wide variety of drinks, from soda to juice to water to teas and coffee. We have the specialized equipment and technology necessary to deliver all these different types of drinks to you. Some of our products are juices from Snapple, Welches, Ocean Spray, and Tropicana; and 12 oz. Can and 20 oz. Bottle sodas from Pepsi and Coke, Sunkist, Yoohoo, Country Time, and Hawaiian Punch. We offer water from Dasani and Aquafina.

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vending machines tampa fl

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SnackMan Vending Machines

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